From Venice to Asolo, a romantic weekend of art and culture!

Asolo - Venezia full of LOVE!!

From Venice to Asolo, a romantic weekend in the venetian lands, listening the music of La Fenice and living the rooms of Tchaikosky and Eleonora Duse.
A tour of Italy in the name of LOVE, starting from the famous coffee in Venice, Caffè Florian, in St. Marco Square, visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Venice and the Teatro La Fenice, reaching then a luxurious and comfortable hotel room dedicated to the Russian composer Tchaikovsky and, in the venetian hinterland, to the kind actress Eleonora Duse, in Asolo, to sleep in the Suite that bears her name.
A romantic 5-star experience that touch history, culture, tradition and art in italian style.

Music, Theatre and Art... from Venice to Asolo, a tour of Italy full of love

A romantic tour in venetian lands, from Venice to Asolo, gateway, a typical aperitif in an historic cafe in Venice, where all the famous people and celebrities usually meet: from Carlo Goldoni to Giacomo Casanova in the past, from Matt Damon to Gwyneth Paltrow now.
In this atmosphere, you can enjoy a gondola ride, while hearing the stories of tradition told by the venetian gondolier or the melody of a serenade on the water. You can venture in a stroll discovering the backstage and the secrets of La Fenice Theatre and its protagonists. You can experience its history from the origin to the current days, admiring the plasters and gold in the prestigious halls. The emotion of a lyric performance will be the perfect ending of an evening full of surprises. The curtain drops on this magic city where the moon is reflected on the sea.

Your night will be a magic artistic experience in your suite overlooking San Marco, recently renovated, where the Russian musician Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij (Tchaikovsky) composed the Symphony n.4. And your wake up call will be again with the sounds of the venetian voices, with their typical dialect and their little boats slowly crossing the canals of the city. 
Together with this sweet melody and the stories of an expert guide, you will reach, through hidden paths, the eastern part of the city. Here you will see the Gardens of the Biennale, wanted by Napoleon Buonaparte as a green area for venetian people, and their 25 stands named after different World Countries and designed by famous architects of international fame. The Russian one was created by Ščusev.
A jump to the second half of XX century and you will meet the american art collector Peggy Guggenheim. Her ashes are in the garden of Venier dei Leoni Palace, one of the most important museums of european and american art of the first half of XX century, where you can see Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism. One last venetian Aperitivo at another historic venue where Ernst Hemingway invented some original cocktails that became specialty of this place.

Then you can discover another place of big names and international history: Asolo, little town in the hills of Prosecco. You will stay in room 202, named after Eleonora Duse, actress symbol of modern theatre, loved by Gabriele d'Annunzio. The famous actress stayed in that same room during the renovation of her house in Asolo, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of a dinner in the restaurant overlooking the little square. 'Asolo shall be the shelter of my ultimate old age, and it is there I wish to be buried' - Letter from Eleonora Duse to Marco Praga in 1919. This is what the divine actress wrote and this is what she did. She loved Asolo, as much as other names from the past. The Queen of Cyprus moved her entourage here on the XV century, Giosue' Carducci called it the 'city of the 100 horizons', the poet Robert Browning wrote about the essence of living 'Asolando' in his poems, GianFrancesco Malipiero composed the 'Poemi Asolani', the explorer Freya Stark chose Asolo to recover after her long trips in the Middle East. A panoramic balcony where you can discover curious stories about love, celebrities and history, relaxing and recovering peacefully and quietly in this small typical medieval italian town - on top of the Skyscanner 2014 chart of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

From Venice to Asolo, a romantic weekend of art and culture!

Price for a couple in double room, from € 1.600 

2 nights stay in Venice 5stars hotel in Riva degli Schiavoni, in the Tchaikosky suite and 1 night stay in Asolo, in 5stars hotel, in the Eleonora Duse Exclusive Room. Show at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. Guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum. Guided tour of Asolo, with the possibility of exclusive Shuttle in the adjacent territory to the historical center. Exclusive transfer service from Venice Airport to the hotel with a private taxi boat; from Venice to Asolo, and finally, from Asolo to Venice Airport.

Details of this travel experience in italy

2 persons in double room offer.
Two night in Venice and one night in Asolo.