In Alba, in the Langhe land, the truffle hunting experience

The truffle hunting in the vineyards of Asti and Monferrato, with the truffle dog and truffle hunter

Truffle is the most distinctive character of the italian gastronomic tradition. Its connoisseurs appreciate the tradition and taste of these pearls of the earth, hidden in the woods. In Piedmont, in the hills called Langhe, the truffle hunting is certainly the most exciting experience for a truffle fan! In this amazing forest landscape where you can  smell wood and hear the noise of the fallen leaves under your feet, the truffle hunter and his loyal dog will lead you to discover the secrets of this ancient activity that remained unchanged for centuries, so simple yet so fascinating. Your 'trifolaio' (truffle hunter) will tell you all the secrets of this precious fruit -  its ideal habitat, the plants and the woods where it grows, how to recognise it and how he trains and educates his irreplaceable truffle dog.


Day 1: Alba, the land of truffle and of Barolo

Arrival of guests in a luxury hotel in the Langhe of Piedmont​​. Guests are welcomed with a drink served on the rooftop terrace of the chosen Villa, with local wines and snacks from Piedmont. For the tour we propose two small accommodations in Villa that ensure optimal quality standards and a familiar welcome. The first, in a short distance from Alba, is a charme house of the nineteenth century, masterfully restored, between woods and hazelnut groves and magnificent views of the Alps and of the rolling hills of Barolo. Its restaurant guarantees an excellent service fine of 1 Michelin star. The second accommodation is an ancient villa of the eighteenth century, located in the hill of Monforte d'Alba, at the entrance of the old town, which maintains a scenic location in the Langhe hills, in the context of a wonderful park.
For the evening, after a short visit to the historic Art Nouveau pastry in Cherasco, home of "Gianduiotti" and of traditional "Baci" (Kisses), or a visit to the WiMu, the Wine Museum of Barolo, we propose the dinner in a one Michelin star restaurant with a visit to the winery built in volcanic rock, the pride of the restaurant, which houses 60,000 bottles of 450 producers for a total of 1,800 labels from around the world, offering one of the most complete wine list of Italy. For the dinner, it is proposed a tasting menu which consists in 6 courses, completely based on local products of the Langhe, with pasta, ravioli and exclusively homemade bread.
After dinner, return to the Villa for the night.

Day 2: the truffle hunting

In the morning, transfer to your "trifulao", the truffle hunter, who will reveals the secrets of the precious fruit: what is the ideal habitat, the plants and the woods where you can find it, how to recognize it and how his irreplaceable dog is educated and trained. Accompanied by the "trifulaio" and by his trusty dog ​​, you will leave searching  the "tuber magnatum pico", the great WHITE TRUFFLE OF ALBA. The walk lasts  about one hour and a half, and the charm of the experience is even more impressive if hunting is done during the night, upon the moonlight, in the silence of the woods, accompanied by the expert dog who , in the long-awaited moment , shake panting... The "trifolao" recognizes this behaviour well and he knows how to interpret even the slightest variations in his character. Surely there has to be something.
The dog senses a truffle and he communicates this by nervously thrashing his tale and sniffing the still air of the silent night while analyzing the damp earth at our feet in order to find the precise point where our precious treasure is hidden.
The dog trots in front, faster and faster, sharply aiming towards a specific point. One last sniff, then he nuzzles his nose into the soil. With vigour, he inhales the scent of the earth to confirm his suspicions. It is the right spot and his premonitions are unmistakable. The dog starts digging hectically, spraying dirt and leaves… And there, in the twilight of the moon, the dog successfully unveils the aroma of the night!!!

For dinner, after an afternoon at disposal to discover villages and castles of the Langhe, from the village of Barolo, to the Castle of Grinzane, where the famous Count Cavour lived, we propose a dinner based on the undisputed star of this exclusive day, the prized white truffle. A gastronomic experience in the 3 Stars Michelin restaurant of Alba, where the kitchen is a temple and the food is art, will be for you really unique! 

celebrated chef will be your guide to show you every trick to use the white truffle in the kitchen. You will taste its unique flavour and unmistakable perfume, matching it with wines that made this part of Italy famous. A unique and exclusive journey to enter the real tradition and italian culture. Your dinner, with the white truffle as unquestioned main ingredient, will be a gastronomic experience in a three-stars restaurant in Alba, where the kitchen is a temple and food is art.

Day 3: the international Fair of Truffle in Alba

During the International Fair of the Truffle of Alba, which this year takes place from October 10 to November 15, you can access to the World Market Truffle. Buying the "gold of Alba" is a very careful experience, speaking about a product that can sometimes even exceed 4 € per gram! Each fruit is previously checked by a Commission which is available for advice you on your purchases.
In this context, everything speaks of truffle! Star chefs of international renown indulges in creativity and professionalism, with demonstration events and innovative recipes; you can attend to sensory analysis of truffles, which reveal the secrets with smell and sensory tests.
You will be covered by the scent and taste in the suggestion of a unique place. According to the days of Your stay, we will give you directions on the calendar of events of the fair and other useful information to enjoy this gastronomic experience. *

* If your arrival is scheduled in periods outside the show, for the third day we suggest a route to discover food and wines of this wonderful region, the Langhe, a jewel among the Ligurian coast and Turin, full of  castles, villages and beautiful scenery to discover and appreciate.

** On request, escorted tour and exclusive car.

In Alba, the "truffle hunting experience"

From October to November
Price per person: from € 1050.00 (4 to 7 people) - from € 1200.00 ( 2-3 people)
Individual rates with stay in a double room.

Details of this travel experience in italy

3 night stay (including breakfast) in one of two luxury villa-hotels proposed in the Langhe area of Piedmont. Upon arrival, a welcome drink and tasting at the property or nearby farm. Truffle hunting with exclusive personal service, with the truffle hunter and his dog (choosing , day or night). Visit the pastry Cerasco or WiMu, the Wine Museum of Barolo. 6-course gourmet dinner in Restaurant 1 star Michelin and Gourmet dinner in the only three Michelin stars restaurant in the center of Alba.
Transfer and guide on demand.