Italy tour, a complete italian experience in 5 stars style

Tour in Rome

1° day: Begin your travel in Rome 
Upon arrival in the airport, you will be welcome by our driver who will take you on an exclusive ancient palace in the historic center of Rome, where you will stay in a noble atmosphere from where you can start to explore the city. The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican City blend harmoniously to modern, trendy and animated Roman climate.
2° day: The ancient Rome 
In the morning, you can immerse yourself in the history of ancient Rome, discovering the Colosseum, bloody gladiatorial amphitheater, through the Arch of Constantine and the Palatine Hill overlooking the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus. The tour ends at the Temple of Julius Caesar, where visitors from around the world still leave flowers and candles in his memory.
In the afternoon, you will walk with a guide between the famous squares, monuments and fountains of Rome, through cobblestone streets that will lead you to discover world-famous locations: the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain (do not forget to throw in a coin auspiciously!), Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. To finish in “Italian Style” you can not miss a coffee break at the elegant Terrazza Caffarelli, a magnificent place with a spectacular view of the historic center of Rome.
Day 3 - Rome, the place of Art and Christianity 
The day starts with a guided tour to the most important places of Christianity, in Vatican City. You will enter in the wonderful Vatican Museums, which house one of the largest art collections in the world; You will see the collection of ancient statues of Julius II and the papal apartments frescoed by Raffaello; You will be amazed by the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, the monumental masterpiece of Michelangelo; The highlight of the tour is a visit to St. Peter's Basilica, the most glorious and largest church in the Earth. Inside the Basilica you will admire great artworks such as "La Pietà" by Michelangelo and the Bernini’s Cherubim; Outside, the majestic Piazza San Pietro, is crowded on Sunday morning during the Papal blessing.

Discovering Florence and Tuscany

Day 4: From Rome to Florence in the Uffizi Gallery
After breakfast, you would choose for a private car transfer, or a high speed train, in first class, transfer. In the afternoon, you will have a relaxing break in the prestigious boutique hotel, complete with Spa & Wellness, in the heart of Florence, where you will stay. Otherwise you can choose your accommodation in a exclusive Renaissance villa a few minute far from the city center, which guarantees a warm welcome with all the comforts of modern hospitality. Later, you will visit the famous Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world that offers an overview of the history of art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Giotto, Cimabue and the Florentine Renaissance masterpieces by Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. For the evening, you can enter the atmosphere during the time of the typical Italian aperitif.
Day 5 - In Florence, the "David" by Michelangelo
The day is to discover the artistic beautiful city, with a guided tour of the Accademia Museum to see the famous sculpture of Michelangelo "David". Michelangelo took three years for the creation of this majestic statue that comes from a huge block of rough marble. The details and the expression of the work transpire surprisingly human appearance, related by feelings of strength and courage that have made it the symbol of Florence. A copy of "David", together with other important Renaissance sculptures, is located in Piazza della Signoria, the heart of the lively city, where, between the traditional cafes, restaurants and boutiques, it exudes the authentic Florentine.
Day 6 - Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni
The day starts with a panoramic tour of Siena and San Gimignano. Through the beautiful hills of the Chianti vineyards and olive groves, you will reach Siena for a guided tour along medieval streets, imposing buildings, a majestic cathedral, till to Piazza del Campo, one of the symbols of Italy in the world. A good coffee, some cookies or the typical "Panforte" in the historic pastry of the square, to proceed in the afternoon to San Gimignano, the medieval village famous for its towers, the splendid frescoes and other art treasures. On the way back, a stop at the small town of Monteriggioni, another medieval village that stands out for its evocative walls perched on a hill.
Day 7 - Florence and Pisa 
The morning is at your disposal to discover Florence with some experiences on demand, such as a shopping tour with a personal shopper, a hike with art advisor to discover contemporary art galleries of the city, a wine tasting by helicopter ... In the afternoon, a scenic drive through the Tuscan countryside to Pisa, where your guide will explain the history, anecdotes, curiosities of the Square of Miracles, with the famous Leaning Tower and other monuments witnesses of the beauty of the Romanesque style.
Day 8 - In the hills of Tuscany, Chianti Castle
A day of relax and quite, inside in the magical atmosphere of Florence, to discover small craft shops, artists of contemporary art or an immersive experience with a fragrance designer for a taste or to create your tailored perfume! In the afternoon, you will discover the land of Chianti, one of the most famous wine regions of the world. Once in a picturesque medieval castle, you will visit the gardens and the splendid cellar of the castle, with its oak barrels where Chianti is aged. A tasting of wines and local produce will precede a dinner in the magical atmosphere of an ancient village in the hills, to appreciate the delicious Tuscan cuisine that pairs perfectly with famous local wines.

Venice tour, the city on the water

Day 9 - From Florence to Venice, the city on the water
In the morning you will transfer to Venice with exclusive car, high speed train or helicopter, arriving  from the water, with taxiboat, in a historic exclusive hotel of the old town. 
The afternoon is at your disposal for a first overview of this magical city, which is a succession of of incredible views. The buildings in the Byzantine style have a strong appeal to Islamic culture in the city, while the mysterious streets, ancient squares, bridges and canals speak of the history and tradition of this authentic city resting on the water.
No cars, no traffic jams, no deafening noise disfigure the city where you're allowed to move only on foot or on the water, maintaining unchallenged this quiet and relaxing atmosphere that takes you back in time, dazzling with its artistic treasures.
Day 10 - Venice to discover…. on a Gondola 
In the mourning you will discover the most popular places of the town: With the help of a referenced guide, starting from Piazza San Marco, you will know the story of the Basilica, the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs. The Byzantine style of Venice will dazzle you with the glittering mosaics in the Basilica of San Marco, which alternate with white marble facade of the Palazzo Ducale. In the afternoon, you can’t miss a picturesque gondola ride through the canals of the city, discovering Venice from a new perspective, calm, floating, romantic ... VENICE!
Day 11 - Venice, the islands and the Opera Performance
Today you will discover the lesser-known Venice, including the islands of St. George and St. Helena, and the Lido, exclusive location of the famous Venice Film Festival. Leaving near Piazza San Marco, you can reach by boat the Glass Island, Murano, world-famous for the artistic tradition of glass blowing. The next stop is the Island of Burano, colorful island of fishermen and craft of lace, made today by the women of the island. We will take you into a wonderful atelier-museum of an ancient family of the island, where design and craftsmanship are combined in wonderful artistic creations. For lunch, we will take you to taste the culinary delights of a charming restaurant here in Burano, with the flavors of freshly caught fish, pasta and homemade bread and a wine list with over 600 labels of the best selections Italian.
In the evening, back in Venice, you can enjoy a Opera or Ballet performance in Gran Teatro La Fenice, artistic masterpiece of the city from the hard vicissitudes of fire, or, in an intimate Venetian lounge, the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, you would assist a moving opera along the halls of a noble XV century Venetian palace facing the Grand Canal. 
Day 12 - From Venice to Milan
One last morning at your disposal in Venice, to indulge in one of our proposals on demand which most suit you: a shopping tour with a personal shopper, a visit to contemporary art galleries with art advisor, an accompanied tour of the most authentic workshops of the city, with a workshop of masks or a visit to an atelier of costume ... if you are hungry or you love the Venetian cuisine, a cooking class or a “cicchetti” tour will brighten your stay!
In the afternoon, with high speed train or private car, you will reach your romantic boutique hotels in Milan, to enjoy later a typical dinner of authentic Milanese cuisine.

Milan Shopping tour and Culture

Day 13 - Exploring Milan of Culture&Shopping 
A guided walking tour of the magnificence of Milan will introduce you to La Scala, the famous theater of the town, and the Duomo, one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in the world. You can see the work that made the great Leonardo da Vinci a master of Italian art: the “Ultima Cena”, preserved in the convent adjacent to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Walking the streets of the city you will be infected by the energy and adrenaline that you breathe here ... Milan is the economic center of Italy, home of the “Borsa Italian” and international business center. But Milan is also the world capital of fashion, and certainly a shopping tour with a personal shopper Ekaterina Pitti will be a unique experience among the boutiques of the fashion district and the wonderful shops of which the city is the symbol!
Day 14 - Departure day ... or not ...?
After breakfast at the hotel, if you decide to leave ... we will arrange your airport transfer, if you decide to leave ... waiting for the next opportunity to welcome you here in Italy!

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From April to October
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All the best that the “Beautiful Country” has to offer enclosed in a 14-days tour of wonders, discoveries, surprises! From Rome to Florence, Tuscany, Venice till Milan, discovering history and culture, tradition and craftsmanship, flavors and landscapes, fashion and authenticity of the Made in Italy. The first tour that will make you fall in love with Italy, its people, its history ... making you hope not to leave more!