Image consultant & Personal Stylist in Italy

Personal stylist's advices to feel always in the best way

Directly at your house or at your hotel, your professional personal stylist will be able to give you heaps of useful tips, clever suggestions, and little secrets to improve and customise your style. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, well-established manager, job seeker, full-time mum or housewife this experience will make you stronger, more determined and confident about yourself.

Our exceptional service is tailored to your own personal needs. It is a gift that each and everyone of us should pamper ourselves with at least once in life! On holiday, fully relaxed in your hotel room or in a private reserved area of a central boutique, or maybe directly at your house in your own privacy; image consulting is an essential support to achieve a sharp and at the same time harmonious style. Like a skillful sculptor, your personal stylist will smoothen and shape your silhouette, blur your curves, create light and let you become their unique piece of art - bringing out your essence.

Some essential professional techniques will be used during the service. A few examples are the colour test that will help determine the correct choice of chromatic matching in relation to your natural tones, or the shape study to recognise and make the most of your strengths. The definition of your exclusive style that will turn you into a unique subject with your own features and distinctiveness.

If professional advice aims at your professional growth, the personal stylist will be able to give you essential advice on your voice intonation, posture and gestures that often, if not directly, give away aspects of yourself that directly describe your personality. In this case our professionals will be able to exceed your expectations and deliver the best success you could wish for!

Personal Shopper

Half-day personal shopper service with customised itinerary

Persona Shopper full day

Full-day personal shopper service with customised itinerary

Lunch break

Lunch break in a glamorous venue in the city

Visita guidata

Excursion with private guide in the historic centre of the city and/or the main museum sites

Baby sitter

Baby sitter service

Serata glam

Soiree event, with booking at an exclusive restaurant and/or table at a prestigious Club in the city

transfer aeroporto

Transfer from and to the airport.

Dog sitter

Dog-sitter service

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Details of this travel experience in italy

Individual service, for 1 person
Duration: 3-5 hours
Servisec included: analysis of the current style and taste preferences in clothing and figures. Analysis of the silhouette and advice on correcting shapes using clothing; Professional test to determine colors and development of individual palettes; Illustrations for stylistic trends in clothing and lifestyle-type appearance and personality. Consultation professional hairstylist and makeup artist, drawing personal look book with visual images of the seasonal general tips from stylist.