In the name of Antonio Canova, in the venetian hills of Asolo

An all inclusive cultural tour In the name of the artist Antonio Canova, in the venetian hills of Asolo and Possagno

"Venus in the land of Canova"a cultural tour in the venetian hill, from PossagnoAsolo and Crespano, which wants propose the places that formed the Canova to the beauty and creativity, in an unbreakable bond of art and territory, in the Prosecco areas and the hills of Asolo. 
Antonio Canova, the greatest neoclassical sculptor, was born in Possagno (Possagno, 1st November 1757 - Venice, 13th October 1822) and here you can visit his imposing temple and his house that retains the magnificent Gipsoteca which collects the original plaster models of sculptures by Antonio Canova.  

First day: arrival in Canova lands

Crossing the hills of Prosecco, about one hour from Venice, you will arrive in the accommodation proposed: an elegant villa in the hills of Asolo, not far dall'Asolo Golf Club. We are on the slopes of Monte Grappa and the landscape here is really unique!
The green and peace sovereign and the charm of an exclusive villa, with all the services and amenities, will give a greater emphasis at this 5-star hospitality.


Second day: Venere in the land of Antonio Canova


Escorted tour from the Canova Museum, in Possagno. A guided tour of the Museum to make you discover the histories, the techniques and the life of this great artist. During the exhibition "Venus in the Lands of Canova" we have in Possagno, from Scotland, the "Venus" of Leeds, the marble that was of Sir Hope and which shows the Canova’s most mature interpretation of the theme of female beauty.
Then, entering in the ancient Gipsoteca, it will be for you a unique experience that will touch the senses. Here are preserved the ancient plasters that the sculptor realized, studying, before approaching the marble works. Cupid and Psyche, the Three Graces, Theseus and the Centaur ... just some of the works that you can see, which have made the great the Canova.
Leaving Possagno, the next stop will be in Crespano del Grappa, at the foot of Monte Grappa, which houses two works of extraordinary value of the Master: the cast of the “Pietà”, in the cathedral, which served to who melted the bronze which is in the Temple of Possagno, and the Basilica-Sanctuary of the Madonna del Covolo, designed by Canova, where he artist experimented here for the first time the lines of the Pantheon and for this way it was probably a "general test" for the next Temple of Possagno.
We propose here, under the slopes of Monte Grappa, a lunch in a local restaurant or Agriturismo, tasting local foods and wines. In the afternoon, we reach Asolo, the city of hundred horizons, to a guided tour of the medieval town and a necessary stop in the Cathedral, in honor to Beatae Virgins Mariae, that holds two major altar pieces by Lorenzo Lotto and Jacopo Da Ponte.
After the visit, we will enter the Museum, to discover some works of Canova kept here. A wonderful cast of the Venere Italica and a cast of Love and Psyche, by Canova, are kept here and, after that, you can continue the visit of the museum, which tells Asolo with its history and its famous characters, from Queen Cornaro of Cyprus to the famous actress Eleonora Duse, who are here in Asolo buried. 
Dinner in villa, with a show cooking for a perfect realization of a Pasta Italian Style.

Third day: again in the Venetian hinterland

Your great cultural tour in the venetian hills go on with an escorted tour in the towns of Bassano del Grappa, with the famous Bridge of Andrea Palladio, Castelfranco, the birthplace of Giorgione, and the Palladian Villa Barbaro in Maser. 
Otherwise, you can choose a 
Winery full day tour in Prosecco Land or, if you are fascinated by the handcrafted products, you can opt for a Made in Italy tour 
In the evening, you will come back  in the accommodation for the night. 


In the name of Antonio Canova, in the venetian hills of Asolo

3 nights in an exclusive villa in the hills of Asolo; 2nd day : full day excursion, with exclusive luxury car, driver service, escorted tour, entrances to the museums, lunch and final dinner with show cooking in the accommodation, 3rd day: full day excursion, with exclusive luxury car, driver service, escorted tour, in the Prosecco Hills or discovering the handcrafted firms in Veneto.

* On demand, prices for small groups, on demand or stay in superior hotels.

Price for two persons: 1.290,00 €

Details of this travel experience in italy

3 nights with B&B treatment, full day excursion "Canova", lunch and final dinner with show cooking, full day excursion in the Prosecco Hills or discovering the handcrafted firms in Veneto.