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Asolando: a team of women, authors of the Made in Italy trips

Asolando: a team of women, authors of the Made in Italy trips

Tourist Advisor & Counsellor. We create the best ideas and proposals of travels in Italy. We select the best accommodations, the most exclusive boutique hotels, luxurious villas and charming hotels, the best luxury yachts and the most suggestive itineraries tied to great events of the Made in Italy production, which includes italian wine tours, Italian chefs and so forth. Our goal is to create for you top exclusive trips in Italy.

Food & Wine advisor - we create with you the most exclusive wine tours of Italy, with helicopter tours upon the best Tuscan wineries, or in the hills of Prosecco ... we make you discover the Barolo and Barbera areas, and we propose truffle hunting with the best "trifolai" (truffle men) and their truffle dogs in Tuscany anc in Alba... with the local women of the Italian cuisine, we offer exclusive italian cooking class, using local and top quality products ... we bring you fishing in the waters of Lake Como or in the river Po, in the suggestion of the fishmen' villages ...

Personal Shopper, Stylist and Fashion Consultant - to create for you the proposals of the fashion world, which include shopping tours in Milan, Florence, Venice and Verona. During the “Milano Fashion Week” we can bring you to the parades of the great brands of the Italian fashion, to the boutiques of the most important brands of Via Montenapoleone, or we can accompany you to fashion design studios which tailor custom-made suits of high quality and prestige.

Photo&Art Travel Counsellor - we propose  art travels in Italy, through innovative proposals which concern the visits of the most secret places of contemporary artists, including also the visits of their studios and galleries. We advice about the purchase of artworks and we propose painting workshops in the countryside and in the most evocative "Italy to paint"!

Some reviews:

" DEAR CHIARA, Saluti da Brasile!
É stato veramente un piacere stare con voi nel nostro viaggio! I suoi servizi sono stati spettacolari e molto efficienti! Asolando ha fatto il nostro viaggio essere piú tranquilo e piú divertente. Tutte le persone che lavorano in Asolando sono molto simpatiche e collaborative. Noi speriamo davvero di rifare un altro viaggio con voi!! Grazie mille per tutti!
Famiglia Titoto C. from Brazil
" Chiara made a beautiful 3 days of touring the Veneto Region.  Vespas in the Dolomites, day trip to historical towns of Asolo and Bassano del Grappa and cooking class in a vineyard.  She is fabulous!  You must book a tour with Asolondo for this region.  From Venice, Verona, Bologna and Treviso.  Perfetto!!!"
Karen C. from USA
" Thank you so much, our helitour in Tuscany was an incredible experience, the pilots were the best and both vineyards were extremely accommodating. ... You did a great job organizing everything from the transportation to the tours. This was a moment we will remember forever. I am traveling now but when u return on Monday I will send pictures. Thank you again for a great time! ... Ciao "
D.C. from USA

" I wanted to wish you a Happy 2018 and let you know again how much we enjoyed our tour of the Prosecco region. Everyone is still talking about it and the fabulous meal we had in Asolo!  It was also wonderful to see you again. Thank you so much for taking care of us. We hope to see you again in the future. If you ever make it to Texas, please let us know."
S.C. from USA
" I gave Asolondo the mission of planning all my tours in Venice, Asolo, Bassano del grappa, Morostica,Florence and Rome. They took care of all my hotel, transfers, tickets and scheduled tours. It was a huge relief to me to just pay for one person to do everything for me. My daughters and I had a wonderful time on this trip and will for sure use Asolando again. They can cover all of italy for you. BTW, try the fiat 500 tour in florence as well as the cooking class. Was the best part of the trip! "
L.C. from USA
" Our “Asolando” experience was beyond our expectations. Winery tours, tasting and “lunch in the vineyards.” Thank you very much Chiara and Stefano! We loved our day with you both! I highly recommend!"
P.O. from USA
"Ciao S. - Thank you for setting this up with Chiara, what an amazing experience . She was lovely, so friendly and knowledgeable about Valdobbiadene. We highly recommend her and this tour to any of your guests"
by the guests of S.G., Travel Agency in Usa
"Asolare with Chiara in this magnificent village was very pleasant. All organized perfectly in the minimum details, from the aperitif to the lunch on a wonderful terrace with a view. The sympathy and the radiance of our tour leader were the completion of this beautiful day."
S.G. from Italy
"My husband and I attended one of the beautiful evening organized by Asolando at the Canova Museum. A dinner in the moonlight with excellent dishes and stimulating conversation and finally a guided tour in the house of Canova and in his atelier, by the light of the candles. A suggestive moment and a well organized event. We recommend it to everyone!"
M.W. from Usa

"Sympathy, organization and joy of living, combined with an innate ability to recognize and offer the beauties of Italy .... This is Chiara, and so this is Asolando .. Highly recommended"
K.C. from Italy

Some of the events directed by Asolando:

Sunday, April 9, 2017 - Phototour in the Po Delta


The fishermen's village, the expanses and the horizons where land and water meet, the colors of an almost uncontaminated landscape and, on the other side Comacchio, a small Venice made of canals, lanes and terraces on the water. Unexpected meetings of people and places.

Discover more about our PHOTOTOUR IN THE PO DELTA

Exploring Aesthetics: Photo Exhibition of Alfonso Lorenzetto - 1 to 8 October 2017

The new continental philosophy suggests aesthetics to become a science of perception, not linked anymore exclusively with art.
This is the exhibition of Alfonso Lorenzetto.
The photos' collection is an internal path of the photographer, who wants to think outside of the box of the conventional aesthetics. The "Nice" is already in the place we meet every day and for this, easily reproducible.

Sadness, angst, loneliness, confusion and desire to break the law, this is what inspired Alfonso Lorenzetto. 
There is no a common thread running through, the exhibition is a collection of moments' perception of the photographer.


Photos are on sale, part of the proceeds will be donated to charity
(Association LIFC - Hospitality "S. Maria di Ca' Foncello", Treviso).

ASOLANDO pedala VINTAGE - Sunday 11th June 2017 - Asolo

ASOLANDO pedala VINTAGE  - Sunday  11th June 2017 - Asolo

An easy bike ride with vintage dress code with departure and arrival in Asolo, along roads and paths to discover by bike. For those who love the "vintage style", who has the passion for the bicycle ... or simply for those who want to spend a nice "retro" day ... "

Departure at 9.45 pm in the "Maglio di Pagnano".
Path along the Ezzelini Road and on the secondary roads in the area of Asolo and Fonte.
Length 20km. Optional climb in Asolo Historical Centre.

Discover ASOLANDO pedala VINTAGE

CANOVA AND THE DANCE - UNIQUE EVENT - Saturday 8th of July 2017 - Gipsoteca Museum Antonio Canova, Possagno (TV)

CANOVA AND THE DANCE - UNIQUE EVENT - Saturday 8th of July 2017 - Gipsoteca Museum Antonio Canova, Possagno (TV)

A UNIQUE EVENT ... a union between the classic art and modern art, under the common denominator of Master Antonio Canova ...
Asolando, in cooperation with the Antonio Canova Foundation and the Association Arte in Movimento, proposes an evening show in the suggestive setting in which Canova lived in the late eighteenth century. Canova, in the light of torches and lanterns, spent the night shaping sketches, polishing marbles to create works that seem really moving ... dancing ...
Lovely silence, absolute masterpieces, divine beauties that we will see in this wonderful evening animate sinuously, revolve and take shape in the wonderful setting of the Gipsoteca Museum.

Evening Program: Visit to the House of Canova and the Venus of Leeds, a lantern show animated by Artistic Ballet dancers in the Gallery of Plaster Models, Aperitiv.


Japan meets Veneto: Sushi and Prosecco - Friday 24 March 2017 - Tenuta Bonotto delle Tezze, Vazzola (TV)

Japan meets Veneto: Sushi and Prosecco - Friday 24 March 2017 - Tenuta Bonotto delle Tezze, Vazzola (TV)

With the special contribution of the Japanese chef Mieko Maruyama and sommelier Mattia Granzotto, at the prestigious Bonotto winery in Tezze di Vazzola, an evening of meetings between Japanese cuisine and Venetian wines.
To learn how know and make sushi, with the advice of the chef and the right combinations of our prestigious wines.


PhotoExhibition "THE PLACES OF THE SOUL" - 6-18 MARZO 2017, Asolo (TV) Palazzo Beltramini.

PhotoExhibition "THE PLACES OF THE SOUL" - 6-18 MARZO 2017, Asolo (TV) Palazzo Beltramini.

What are the places of the soul?
If we pause to think in a rational way about what a place is and what the soul is, we can receive some immediate and immediate answers. But if we then want to discern the question in depth by listening to our inner cords, we can certainly bring to light a series of new reflections that will seal magical visions.
The Passpartout Group, author of the exhibition, was born as a spontaneous group of people who love photography thanks to the Phototour organized by Asolando and directed by Alfonso Lorenzetto, European qualified photographer, storyteller of life stories and photographer of international wedding, in the fantastic locations of Venice, Rome, Paris.
This is the creative synergy that allowed the realization of the images on display.
The components of the Passpartout group:
Silvia Ballestrin, Selenia Bellun, Michela Bolognani, Ketti Caron, Libero D'Arienzo, Lucia De Marchi, Andrea Favretto, Mary Foggiato, Alberta Fracasso, Ilenia Marangon, Stefano Paladini, Fabrizio Reato, Paola Rizzi and Barbara Zugno.

PHOTOEXPERIENCE - Venezia photo tour - Domenica 27 novembre - Venezia

PHOTOEXPERIENCE - Venezia photo tour - Domenica 27 novembre - Venezia

Asolando, in collaboration with Alfonso Lorenzetto - storyteller photographer & Qualified European Photographer, presents the exclusive phototour events in Venice, in the atmosphere of a city that is unique in the world! You will discover perspectives, points of view, new and unknown corners, study the lights and shadows, with the suggestions and advice of Alfonso, to realize your authentic photo shoot. The opportunity for a wonderful PhotoExperience in a unique context to photograph! Discover Venice Photo Tour!

Venezia Photo Tour  

NEXT EVENT: 25th Febbruary 2018

Alla tenue luce di Venere - Sat. 22nd October 2017 - Canova Museum, Possagno (TV)

Alla tenue luce di Venere - Sat. 22nd October 2017 - Canova Museum, Possagno (TV)

With the only light of the lanterns you will discover the works of the great neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova. Asolando, in collaboration with the Antonio Canova Foundation offers a unique and exclusive experience that surprises and excites, along a path of light and shadow, among beautiful sculptures protagonists of a choreography of luminous gochi.
After the visit, private dinner in the Museum area.

Private Event 

Wedding E&S, (from Russia) - Malcesine - Garda Lake

Wedding E&S, (from Russia) - Malcesine - Garda Lake

Wedding planner & coordination for a couple from Moscow, who chose Lake Garda, and specifically the city of Malcesine, as the location of their wedding. From the top of the Castle that stands out on the waters of the Lake, Asolando has overseen the entire wedding day, including the hospitality activities of the guests coming from Russia, the food & beverage service, the animation, the flowers, the music, as well as the legislative aspect that requires an international wedding.
The day after the wedding, Asolando took care of the leisure day all the Guests, with the proposal of a day to live in the lake, with exclusive boat, visiting of the lakeside towns.

Thanks to Eugenia and Sergey for entrusting us with organizing your most beautiful day!