Create your fragrance in the Atelier of perfume near Venice

Tailor made parfum... authentic details of elegance

Perfume is what announces you, it's invisible but it says a lot about your personality. It is still there after you are gone, a touch of you and your essence, something that goes behind the obviousness.
Creating with your hands a personalised perfume is an experience that touches all senses. Your personality will be reinforced and the sensation that you are a unique creature in this world will be magnified.
Your maitre perfumer - perfect connoisseur of fragrances and effects of the various combinations - will be able to create unique scents, according to your expectations and personality, like an expert stylist.
The tailor made profum could be packaged in the atelier or comfortably at home or in your hotel, with your exclusive fragrance designer who will provide your unique, authentic and personalized profum.

Flowery fragrances, amber- or citrus-scented, organically produced, that give warm sensations or oriental emotions. From an infinite universe, you will start choosing a set of fragrances that identify your personality. Your perfumer will then analyse them and compose like a symphony the main ingredients, immediate and volatile, the body, the most important part, and the bottom, persistent and long lasting, to create a unique fragrance that describes you.
Walking into this atelier of parfum will be like entering into a magic evocative world, where your senses will get inebriated and you will feel unique emotions for your body and mind.
You will go out with a perfume that talks about you and you can breath it, a fragrance that will be forever only yours.

Tailor made parfum... authentic details of elegance...


The atelier of the perfume and your fragrance designer

A daily experinece in an atelier of the perfume, in Bassano del Grappa or in Asolo, in the venetian hinterland or in another location request by the guests, with analytical psychology and olfactory tasting with the guide of Fragrance designer, completely immersed in the Made in Italy fragrances.
From here the visitor's soul will come out, turning into a unique eau de parfum.
They will be provided a rollon 15ml and 125ml bottle of exclusive and personal eau de parfum, the formula of which will be produced exclusively for him / her.
Price: on demand

Details of this travel experience in italy

A daily experience in the atelier of the perfume, in Venice hinterland, or in the location preferred by the guests, with psychologic tests and olfactory tasting, with the guide of the Fragrance designer, completely immersed in the Made in Italy fragrances.