Venice, turn into a fisher for one day

A daily boat tour in Venice the fisher of “moeche”

An off the beaten path experience to live Venice like a local. Immerse in the lagoon of Venice, admire breathtaking scenery and taste venetian culinary tradition.
If you are searching for what to do in Venice, we propose a daily boat tour in the lagoon of Venice with fishers of “moeche”
Have lunch directly on board where the fisher will prepare you the best dishes according to venetian culinary tradition
Sail through small canals, have a rest in sandbanks where you can see (if you are lucky) and learn the secrets of the fishing of “moeche”.

Aboard a traditional Venetian boat, a bragozzo, discover in a daily tour the most beautiful and hidden places of the lagoon of Venice, an UNESCO world heritage sites.

Moeche” are crabs typical of the lagoon of Venice, which are available only few days of the year and for this are considered real delicacies.
In fact, during spring and autumn crabs molt their shells, they shed their old shell before growing a new one. In this space of time they are without carapace, they are soft and tender and became “moeche”, which is the venetian dialectal word for flaccid.
The moeche’s fishing and the breeding process is an issue of the so-called moecanti, that needs a perfect timing to fish them; in fact, only the most expert fishermen, knowing perfectly the lagoon, are able to collect them.


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Details of this travel experience in italy

A Venice boat trip with local fisher, discover an off the beaten path Venice in our one day excursion