In Venetian land, made in Italy tour of high quality handcrafted

The experience of Made in Italy Glass, Porcelain and Weaving discovering the venetian "botteghe".

An unexpected surprise will welcome crossing the threshold in a not-touristic landscape... a laboratory of artistic glass of Murano, where tradition combines with the growth of a business that offers lines, design and products unique in the field of lighting, which go to the frontiers of the international market. Luca, the young manager of the firm, will illustrate the processing steps of the glass that, in full compliance with the tradition of Murano, leave from poor raw materials, such as sand and lime, then to achieve a range of colors and shapes which are unique. Purity, brightness, subtlety and sophistication are what the master glassmakers generate, inside the noise and the heat of the fire glowing of active furnaces, creating works of exceptional beauty in the theme of the lighting and furnishing accessories.
From here, a short transfer will take you to discover a firm that is a landmark in the production of porcelain tableware. Strongly linked to the tradition and history of this material, arrived from China in 1295 thanks to Marco Polo, the company has developed a line of products related to the great eighteenth-century porcelain artist Gaetano Cozzi, with a perfect blend of tradition and innovation that brings sophistication and elegance on the table. Tailoring and manufacturing Venetian tradition emerge clearly in the production of these works, customized collections for refined private clients, created by international designers and decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators.
For an original refreshing break we propose the rooftop terrace of Asolo, in the vineyards of the Prosecco, a small medieval village perched on a hill, treasure chest of great international artists, such as Robert Browning and Freya Stark. The aperitif in the historic downtown cafe plunge you into the quiet and relaxing experience of '' Asolare "...
Later you will discover the art of hand-weaving, a craft shop made of looms and people who, with their stories and their passion, weave tapestries and rugs unique. Alessandro, manager in third generation, with scrupulous attention for the machining process, combines modern and ancient techniques, creating customized art with natural yarns, with a chromatic composition carefully thought out and designed. Attend to the creation of these works will be like going back in history, that enhances the long processes and raw materials related to the passion that distinguishes Made in Italy.
And still tasting these moments of tradition, a must is the usual aperitif on the Bridge of Bassano del Grappa, hangout of Bassano and meeting point for international tourists, listening to the history that the river brings with it, enjoying the traditional aperitif in Grapperia on the Bridge, considered one of the historical places of Italy and a symbol of a product and a history.

In Veneto, made in Italy tour

Price per person: from € 90,00 (min. 4 persons)  
One day guided excursion, visiting the high-quality-handcraft, exclusive transfer service, lunch in Asolo and Aperitif in Bassano del Grappa.

Details of this travel experience in italy

One day excursion deal for individuals or small groups , with a guide and exclusive transfer service , lunch in Asolo and aperitif in Bassano del Grappa .