Adriatic Sea: Po Delta Park and islands of Venice

Three days tour in Po Delta Park and Venice's islands

Three days in Adriatic sea discovering hidden islands of Venice and Delta Po Delta Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

DAY 1:
To start with: Adria, a small town which gave the name to Adriatic sea. Here you will have free time to visit the city and for lunch.
In the afternoon, you will visit the Botanic Garden of Porto Caleri with a guide, who will, after the visit, lead you by bicycle through Via delle Valli Nord, one of the most representative area of Delta Po Natural Park where sea meets land and nature dominates this amazing landscape.
After leaving bicycles, you will reach Albarella Island. An Island immerse in the unspoilt nature of the Northern Adriatic but provided with all the comfort. Here you will find the Hotel and your dinner.
DAY 2:
From Albarella we will leave for a boat excursion to less known Venice’s islands, which are out of the touristic flow: San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Burano and San Francesco del Deserto.
Starting with San Lazzaro degli Armeni, a gothic Church and a Monastery of XIX centuries are all what you can find here.
San Lazzaro is named after St. Lazarus, the patron saint of lepers. It was a leper colony until 16th centuries, then was abandoned until the Armenian monk Mechitar, fleeing from Turkish persecutors, came to Venice. The Republic gave San Lazzaro to Mechitar, who founded an Armenian order on the island, built the monastery and restored the church.
We will continue with Burano, one of the most colorful cities in the world, well-known for its lace tradition.
A museum here is dedicated to the ancient tradition of the island.
Finally, San Francesco del Deserto. An Island rich of history and spirituality, let outside the typical touristic tracks and, because of that, custodian of an authentic and intimate Venice. 
DAY 3:
Day dedicated to the uncontaminated territories of the Delta Po Natural Park, where history and nature dominate the amazing landscape.
First of all, to comprehend the stunning context in which you are, a visit to Museo della bonifica di Ca’ Vendramin is necessary. A morphological introduction enable to better understand the area and which measures have been taken over year to reclaim the territory.
After that, in small flat-bottom boats we will go to discover the real Delta, the flora and the fauna that here proliferate.
Lunch is in a small Osteria, a typical restaurant where a fresh fish menu is guarantee (Menu changes according to season and morning catch).
We will go then to Sacca degli Scardovari, taking a rest in a fisher village where mussels are cultivated. Here land meet the Adriatic sea in a breathless silence where Nature reigns supreme.


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1 ° Day: entrance to the Botanic Garden, bicycle excursion with guide, dinner and accommodation.

2° Day: daily excursion with boat, departing from Sottomarina, dinner and accommodation (park in Sottomarina and transport are NOT included).

3° Day: visit to the Reclaimed Land Museum with guide, 3 hours excursion by boat with guide, lunch of fish based menu.